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The Oxygen Catastrophe

The Science: University of Leicester

The deal with this is that if the Ocean temperature goes up by 6 degrees C (which some scientists believe could be by 2100) photosynthesis in the phytoplankton would be disrupted, and they would die off. This is a problem because they synthesize 2/3s of planetary Oxygen (in the O2 molecular form which is what all aerobic organisms need to survive (such as all animals (such as us, We The People))). So this would lead to massive death and possibly extinction for humans, most other animals, and some other organisms. [[Note: I have read the thing from the press office I linked, but do not have a spare $40 for the full paper... if someone would like to get a copy to send me that would not be bad....]]

[[[Note on the note below: and here is some more alarming data: Arctic News]]] And the twitter critic was citing people who were basically discredited as climate change deniers.... SourceWatch is a nifty site I had not known about..

[[[[Note: A party member froma a UK (although popular) right wingish party suggested to me that the ocean is warming 4/100s of a degree per decade. A 30 minute look through Yahoo reveals this to be ambiguous. Some estimates are more like what I say (a forecast, not a record of the past) while others show much less, but the fact is these are often measuring different things, and the methane hydrates at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean are already melting (a scientist returning to study the bubbles after a year found the plumes at the surface had grown from meters wide to miles wide, but I read that like a year ago so I don't have a citation), and even if they are measuring similar things with similar methodologies, are not forecasts, and all the forecasts are likely different too so, form your own conclusions! A good place to start: Effects of Global Warming on Oceans]]]] Perhaps I'll do a blog post on it. (he also used an odd domain (subdomain of for his (uncited) graph and none of the estimates I looked at were *quite* that low, although some were as low as 0.3 degrees for a period, the period was not 7.5 decades long I don't think.

The Paris Climate Fraud

The Details: ROAR Magazine

Subsidies Info: Scientific American

The second problem, is that the Paris deal produced unenforceable promises which would be woefully inadequate to keep the climate in line even if they were met. This is bad enough in the conventional wisdom, but with The Oxygen Catastrophe to consider, it could be fatal. ROAR suggests that to meet the 2 degrees C (this is air, not ocean, remember; they heat at different rates) target, 90% of existing fossil fuels would have to stay in the ground. But this is not happening without really incredibly radical changes of some sort (there are different pathways to this, ranging from intelligent guided change with the whole society striving to massive revolt followed by a huge energy reduction and reorganization of society, possible chaos, possible success, to mass protest movement all over the world in the middle). In fact the representatives of the rich countries pledged only $100 billion in total (not annually) to help the poor countries adjust, and made nearly useless promises for their own countries (according to ROAR), while annually worldwide $5300 billion is spent on fossil fuel subsidies, artificially making them even more attractive. All of that must be reallocated immediately...

Things I'm doing:

Sending 100s of postcards of my own design, partly to raise awareness of this. The strategy on those continues to evolve. See Poetic Postcards for texts of some of them (butnearly all so far contained links to this info [6-8-2016]). Trying to be a little greener in various ways. Emailing organizations. Tweeting and blogging. Card design at Psychic Fugue Studio, in 300 DPI if you want to copy; Creative Commons 4.0. Good for all sorts of activism uses. Quantities smaller than a full print run now available at my store on Zazzle. More info on Fossil Fuel Subsidies.

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