Save the Oxygen

collage detail:
		center: foot bridge to earth as rubik's cube on background of sea water and sea ice. 
		left: whitish wall with black on white abstract line art. right: museum wall with 
		rectangular hole through which is seen people going up criss-crossed stairwell. 
		far left and right: vertical thin bars of yellow orange and white abstract painting. 
		By Cooper Dozier.


I used my Discordian Postcard Conspiracy mail art / mail poems project partly in support of building awareness of these issues in some of its phases. The postcard design I made and used is shown below.

I've included the URL on all the postcards written in 2018, comprising about 80 independent bookstores and 12-24 professors at each of 5 schools.

There is more information on the Discordian Postcard Conspiracy at Psychic Fugue Studio and Poetic Postcards. I think I took delivery of the postcards in November 2015 and didn't send the first ones until perhaps later in December (the top article above was published on 12-1-2015), so that was not how the project was conceived.

I can be reach at [email protected] . You can follow me at @tribalephemeral and at (Mostly poetry; platform).

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